It is now not a mystery that you could make money with Pinterest without a weblog.

But in case you do not know how to do that yet, your timing is ideal - that's what we're going to be speaking about approximately these days.

In all likelihood, you discover it tough to consider that it is feasible to earn at the platform if you do not personal a website.

Nicely, it is no longer the handiest feasible - it is a real cash-making opportunity lots of humans are taking benefit of on a daily basis.

If you need to emerge as one of those people, don't cross everywhere in the next 10 minutes.

I will display you a way to make money on Pinterest with affiliate hyperlinks and the way to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest without an internet site.

This post might also comprise affiliate hyperlinks, you could visit my disclosure.

Why You Should Use Pinterest To Make Money Online

Thinking about you're studying an editorial that is all approximately how to make money with Pinterest without a weblog, it's truthful to assume which you're now not that acquainted with the platform yet.

Or maybe you've got been the use of it as a reader, looking into DIY projects or tasty recipes for dinner meals to wonder your family?

Whatever the case is, you're nonetheless oblivious to the extensive marketing power of Pinterest and the huge income opportunities the platform provides to its customers.

So, permit's speak that for a minute, shall we?

Extra specifically, I would really like to address why you ought to use Pinterest to earn online rather than Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook for example.

A way to make money on Pinterest without a blog associate advertising on Pinterest

First and main, Pinterest may additionally appear like the above stated Social Media platforms, however, it simply is not.

Generally, because Pinterest isn't always a Social Media platform.

No, it is a visual search engine with an algorithm that works in addition to Google.

Earlier than this thought overwhelms you, allow me to cut the confusion brief:

Genuinely, the truth that Pinterest is a search engine is the exceptional thing ever for everybody who would really like to make money on the platform.

Because once you discover ways to get its set of rules for your aspect, you may be capable of reach a large audience and monetize quite tons any associate provides you could think of.

Yeah, the money is coming - you do not have to take my phrase for it, simply observe the records!

Pinterest Statistics You Should Know About

Pretty frankly, you're likely impatient to get to the component that explains how to make money with Pinterest without a blog.

Before we get to that, I would like to expose you why the use of Pinterest to earn on-line is so really worth it for a quick second.

Essentially, here is why Pinterest is a golden ticket simply ready to be cashed in:

  • As of the time of writing this put up, Pinterest has 320 million month-to-month energetic customers - it's a large enough audience of potential clients, isn't always it?

  • Most of those customers are women - and that topic because the ladies are the use of the platform to plan lifestyle occasions and to assist them to make purchasing choices.

  • Extra than half of the month-to-month searches are done for product discovery - which means, almost 60% of the customers are actively discovering products to buy.

  • Almost 50% of the human beings on Pinterest have made a purchase at some point in time - it doesn't get any better than that, does it?

With that being stated, I suppose it is clear why you have to be the usage of Pinterest to earn an earnings on line.

So, let's examine how you can start doing that nowadays!

How To Make Money With Pinterest Without A Blog - The Process Explained

Before I show you the steps you may need to take to earn on the platform, let's clear up one in all the biggest misconceptions approximately it.

Opposite to the popular perception, you might not be getting paid to pin from Pinterest itself.

Possibilities are, you've seen heaps of articles that are titled "How I Make a whole lot of cash Pinning On Pinterest" or something much like that.

In case you're an amateur, it's easy to take that name actually and to return to an incorrect conclusion.

By means of all methods, there may be no such thing as getting paid from Pinterest for pinning content at the platform.

As an alternative, the way to make money with Pinterest without a weblog is with the aid of the usage of the associate advertising and marketing business version.

Meaning, you will be the use Pinterest to force visitors in your associate gives and you'll be income commissions whilst humans buy via your associate hyperlinks.

Let's see how you may start doing that:

1) Set Up Your Pinterest Account

First thing first, what in case you have already got a non-public account that you've been the use of up till now?

Have you figure with that account or begin a present-day one?

Essentially, the right preference here is to create a brand new account.

On one hand, the purpose why is due to the fact you've in all likelihood pinned quite a few stuff that is inappropriate to everything you may be doing from now on.

And on any other, your new goal is to use Pinterest to make money and not just as a place to expand in addition to your pastimes.

So, head over to Pinterest and fill within the data required to grab a brand new commercial enterprise account.

While you are doing that, here are a couple of useful hints to keep in mind:

It is encouraged to start your new account manually - do not click on "keep With FB" or "hold With Google" alternatives.

Choose wisely your subjects - while you're growing an account, Pinterest will ask you to choose at least 5 topics you're interested in.  Keep away from going for notion fees, dogs, or funny pix.  Again, you want to make cash, so select subjects that might be related to the products you may be selling.

Preserve it right down to a single niche - let's use fitness and wellness for example of a spot you will be focusing on. Likewise, you must choose subjects like wholesome residing, healthful recipes, and so on.

2) Optimize Your Account Using Pinterest SEO

As I've mentioned earlier, Pinterest is a search engine.

What this means is that there is an algorithm that decides how to rank the content being uploaded on the platform.

Therefore, if you want your content to rank higher than the rest, you'll have to learn how to use Pinterest SEO to the best of your advantage.

Starting with adding relevant keywords to your brand new account.

Where you should be placing those keywords?

Name - you don't have a lot of room, so add the most important ones.

Description - you have a bit more space here, so use to its very end.

3) Create Relevant Pinterest Boards

Seeing that we are the usage of "fitness and wellness" as an instance, let's have a look at how you ought to call your Pinterest forums.

Just kind the phrases in the search bar and have a look at the advised related searches:
In my opinion, I assume that "fitness and well-being activities" and "fitness and wellness business" are exquisite choices for the names of your boards.

Ok, let's consider which you've created five boards, gave them nicely-optimized names, and added keywords to their description.

Now what?

Well, the quality route of motion is to pin 0.33-events pins to those boards before you pin any content of your own.

If you pick from the top results and pin the ones pins to their applicable board, you may allow Pinterest recognize what your forums are definitely approximately.

In my view, you must build your forums with at least 15-20 applicable third-events pins before you pin of yours.

Pro tip: research the larger and properly-mounted pinners who pin comparable content material to the affiliate gives you're planning to promote.  Have a examine their forums - how are they titled, what type of pins are they pinning, and so on.

4) Join Affiliate Programs

To start with, there's no need to investigate topics like the way to make cash with Pinterest and Clickbank or a way to make money on Pinterest with Amazon.

You have got a miles larger desire than the ones where affiliate networks are being worried.  Especially Amazon - extra on this a chunk later.

It would not without a doubt matter what niche you've got selected to paintings in:

The subsequent networks will permit you to sell quite lots of any product you may consider:
  1. Clickbank
  2. JVZoo
  3. CJ Affiliate
  4. ShareASale

Of direction, there are many others you can be a part of to discover applicable merchandise to paintings with.

5) Design Your First Affiliate Pin

Considering the main recognition of this text is a way to make money with Pinterest without a blog, I may not go into too much information about the layout of your pins.

Presently, there are a lot of tutorials you could watch online so as to show you the method step-via-step.
Nevertheless, those are the most essential recommendations to keep in mind whilst you're growing your pins:

The encouraged length is 600:900 pixels - but you may attempt other dimensions and notice what's going to paintings satisfactory for you.
Use clean to read fonts - lots of the script fonts should be avoided for the reason that they may be tough to study.

Invest in inventory pictures if you could have enough money it - the unfastened pix are quite a whole lot over-used at this factor.
In case you ask me, Canva is a wonderful device so that it will assist you to layout pictures for free.

It is what I am in my view the usage of to create all of my pins.

6) Upload Your Affiliate Pin To Pinterest

Finally, you are one step away from being able to make money on Pinterest without a blog.

With that being stated, here is what you ought to pay interest too before you put up your first affiliate pin:

Write properly-researched and keyworded name and description - with a view to increasing the natural reach of your pin and will assist Pinterest to display it to the right target market.
Divulge the nature of your pin - due to the fact that it's an associate pin, you have to upload #affiliatepin or #affpin on the stop of your description.

Do not use any link-shortening or cloaking tool - gear like Thirsty associates that entrepreneurs normally depend upon to cloak their affiliate hyperlinks aren't allowed at the platform.
Amazon associate hyperlinks aren't allowed on Pinterest - regrettably, you can not insert the ones into your associate pins.
Further, don't go overboard with the wide variety of affiliate pins you are posting on the platform every day.

Generally, 3-five affiliate pins in line with the day are what you should stick to - you don't want to seem like you are spamming, right?

7) Get Tailwind

For the ones of you who do not know:

Tailwind is a scheduler you may use to automate your pinning periods.

Clearly, Tailwind is so much extra than that:

First of all, it's the most effective device this is formally partnered with Pinterest - so the usage of it's miles completely safe on your account.

Secondly, it offers heaps of functions to help you make the great of your work on Pinterest.

As an example, it'll show you ways well every one of your boards/pins is acting, what's the pleasant time to pin relying on your time region, while your target market is the maximum lively on the platform, and many others.

Lastly, it offers an unfastened trial - you can take a look at Tailwind and spot for your self what the device is able to.

Most importantly, it's going to save you a variety of time - time that might be higher spend on an exceptional element of your on-line enterprise.


Alright, that is approximately a way to make money with Pinterest without a blog.

Before a depart you here is a notion:

If you're questioning how to make cash on Pinterest with a weblog, the stairs are almost equal.

Of path, you may need to begin a blog first after which undergo relaxation!

Now, do you have got any questions about this topic?  Or is there whatever you would like to share?

If you do, the remarks phase is proper below!

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