Free ways to make money online fast are hard to find. Most sites want you to pay for the same information I'm about to give you free. Here are 5 more free ways to make money online fast: 

1. Create and sell an e-book 

Identify a problem that many people have. Investigate the ways that the problem can be solved and write an e-book that helps people solve the problem. The information you need to figure out the problem and write the book solving it is typically readily available on the Internet. If not, you can usually do your research at a local library. Find a market that is desperate to solve a problem and you may have just stumbled across a goldmine. 

2. Help local businesses improve their website  

Contact local businesses and offer to help improve their website. Read up on search engine optimization and implement it on their website. Business owners will often be happy to pay you significantly more than it will cost you to optimize their site and deliver targeted traffic. You can search for businesses online or start making calls out of a local phone book. 

3. Learn WordPress and get paid to upgrade blogs  

I'll admit, this one is a little technical and isn't the easiest of the free ways to make money online fast. However, if you know anything about WordPress, it's pretty easy. Do a little research and figure out how to upgrade and optimize blogs. Contact bloggers directly or post an offer on a site like

4. Do what you're good at  

Is there something you do better than others. Get paid to do it by advertising on gig sites like or You'd be surprised what people might be willing to pay you to do for them. Look at what other people are posting and try to come up with a novel take on it.

5. Compete to win logo design bids is a popular site where people post logos they want designed. Aspiring designers then compete to create the winning design. If you fancy yourself a good designer, you can see just how you stack up against other designers. Some logo contests pay up to a few hundred dollars to the winning designer. Free ways to make money online fast usually only pay a few dollars at a time. This method pays significantly more if you are the winning designer.

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